Hatia Island Is Wonders Of The Beautiful Place In Bangladesh And Nijum Dwip Also Increase Beauty This Island.

About Hatia:
Hatia is a small Island In Bangladesh. There have about 5 lacks people.Most of the people are farmer.It is the most peace full place in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh, with an estimated population of 160 million, is among the most densely-populated countries in the world. The power sector is crucial to the current and future prosperity of the country through the supply of dependable electricity at rates that maintain the competitiveness of its economy and generate revenue for the financial viability of the sector.

Nijum Dwip:
Nijhum Dwip is a wonderful tourist’s spot. There are 12 km of sea beach with glittering sandy beach and the foam of majestic sea water. Here produce a heavenly environment of ebb and tide in the full moon. In the light of moon on the top of the wave you can see as if the foam and peak of the wave are blazing as a pearl.
Hatiya is an island of Bangladesh under Noakhali District. It is situated at the southern part of Noakhali. You can find the bottomless Blue Ocean in the south of Hatiya. Hatiya has been growing a wealthy locality for hundreds of years. Most of the people of Hatiya Island are farmer and fishermen. But most of them are rich successively and owner of huge property. Many of them were high ranked businessmen. The people of Hatiya and other costal area have been growing up playing with a crazy sea. They have been pulled over the sea on fishing for many years. In 1950’s fishermen of Hatiya island found a huge awakening land in the southern part of the sea. From their life experience they often see that this kind of floating island rise up on the sea and then lost to acute wave of the sea. They might have thought that the island seem like those. But people saw that gradually this island raise with more visible in day by day. Within a few days it was formed a nice island.

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