Bianca Beauchamp Photo Album.

About Bianca Beauchamp:

Bianca Beauchamp was born October 14, 1977.She is a Canadian glamor and fetish model known for appearing in skin-tight latex bondage attire.A self-described “scrapper,” Bianca spent most of her childhood with the boys in her neighborhood, playing ball and climbing trees. Although her parents never had much money, they did the best to provide for Bianca and her siblings.

It was during high school that Bianca Beauchamp had her first sexual awakening. “I still looked at the boys more often but I felt a certain attraction toward women. During the summer of my 15th year, I had my first sexual experience with a boy… and a girl.” That experience led to feelings of alienation and Bianca eventually moved away from home soon after graduating from high school.

Although Bianca began taking courses in college to become a teacher, her life took a dramatic turn at the age of 17 when she met an aspiring photographer named Martin Perreault. The pair hit it off immediately and Perreault convinced Bianca to begin posing for him.