Los Angeles Dodgers: Ranking Top 25 Players In Looking Up This List.


One look at the Dodgers top prospects and it boils down to one word. Pitching. In looking up this list, the Dodgers are incredibly deep with great young arms and it's likely the tradition of great Dodger pitchers will continue into the next decade.

I liked listening to the Dodgers on KABC. It's a local talk radio station I listened to anyway, but I think it's a good thing to have the broadcasts on an all-sports station. I look forward to seeing what kind of post or pregame shows they develop around the game broadcasts. When the broadcasts were on KABC, you didn't get a lot of pre- or post-game programming; they were anxious to get back to their scheduled shows. In fact, when games would run long, I would hear the other hosts complaining about the game cutting into their show.

At the same time, there aren't that many flashy hitters, so when you see the Dodgers' offensively challenged lineup, one has to hope that their young farmhands continue to develop as hitters, because not too many of their top prospects scream crazy power or high average.

Here's one writer's take on the 25 best prospects in the system, starting from 25 and moving to 1.

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